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Anywhere. Anytime. The Mobile Outdoor Cleaner.

Whether you are hiking, cycling or walking your dog: Being outside and on the go is just plain fun. And sometimes, really dirty. That is where the ultra-compact Mobile Outdoor Cleaner by Kärcher comes in handy. Thanks to an integrated battery and a 4-litre water tank, you can remove dirt quickly and easily on the spot, so the interior of your car and everything at home stays clean.

Extremely practical: The universal mobile outdoor cleaner can be optimally augmented with a variety of accessories. The adventure, bike and pet accessory box provide the right equipment to gently but thoroughly clean shoes, bicycles or pets. With the Mobile Outdoor Cleaner, you will not be overtaken by dirt, even while you are on the road, and nature stays outside where it belongs.

- Ready to use anywhere and anytime
- Independent of water and power supply
- Extremely compact
- Gentle, effective low pressure
- Versatile


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